Update On Baba Olanrewaju Adepoju’s Sight Problem


This is to inform the good people of the general public that there is a post which has been going viral on social media, soliciting for financial assistance on Baba Olanrewaju Adepoju’s eye problem, posted by an unknown source.

This kind of post might have emerged based on either of these two motives:

  1. It is either that the person who posted it did it out of genuine intention to raise funds for Baba Olanrewaju Adepoju purposely to aid his medical trip to Saudi Arabia.
  2. Or the person sees it as a cheap means to blackmail and tarnish Chief Olanrewaju Adepoju’s good image and well-built reputation over the years, especially among his innumerable fans across the world.

Members of the Public should please be aware that Baba Olanrewaju Adeppju DID NOT authorize anybody to make the said post on his behalf.

Baba Olanrewaju Adepoju has willingly accepted his fate concerning the issue of regaining his vision, knowing fully well that whatever Allah decides is binding on every individual, with or without human input.

We are using this medium to greatly thank and appreciate those who assisted morally and financially as well as those who had exhibited passionate concern by making frantic effort in previous endeavours towards Baba’s health mission. May the Almighty Allah in His infinite mercy reward you all abundantly!

Chief Olanrewaju Adepoju & Family

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